Saturday, November 17, 2012

September 3, 2012

  1. How many in church this week?
  2. Did all your new members come?
  3. Do you have a Primary? Take pictures please
There were about 65 in church this week which is great. All the converts came except for one. He was home taking care of his little brother. We have a primary. It is great. We have little chairs now and a black board and two great teachers.
Okay, this week we had a big activity in the church. We had a night of Karaoke. So fun. They are so funny. I felt like i was on some bernie mac tv show. Just cause they are all so funny like that. They are so happy and they all have style and swag in their blood. We got permission to sing and it was a good laugh. We sang some michael Jackson and everyone went crazy. (Elder Welling got at least 30 marraige proposals... haha Just kidding) The activity had it`s purpose and we feel that it was met. We wanted to excite the people we have and find new people. So many people went and then showed up at church the next day. That is the idea. It worked out great.
God has been so merciful. Everything we`ve been able to do has been with his help. I think the first month we tried kind of to do it on our own. And we realized that we are nothing on our own. The lord has to do it. We are trying to give it to him this month.
It rains every day. Every day. I am constantly wet. If it isn`t raining there is so much sun. I think i prefer the sun actually. But Elder Welling likes the rain so were not sure what to pray for. (If you remember last week it didn't rain during the baptism)
The work is moving forward we are giving it to the lord.
Elder Belnap
I saw sawyers hand poor guy... I am sorry honey. I did it too though when i was a kid... Hot. Ben's first word was HOT because he put his had in the fire

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