Saturday, November 17, 2012

August 20, 2012

1. How was your Sunday?
2. Could you all fit in the new church location?
3. Do you drive all the time?
4. Are you still riding on buses?
5. Do you spend more time out in the country or the city?
6. Did you have baptisms in the river? Pictures?
7. How many days were you without power?
8. Tell me more about the fighting between the two sides.

It was a great sunday. The new church (House) Is very pretty. it is one of the biggest houses here. But we had to stand up in the back. I gave a talk and told them they were all pioneers and needed to get baptized on saturday :)

Drive all the time?? Like us in a car?? Laura this is Colombia they barely let the mission president drive…(A few weeks ago they were hit while in a van..I guess that is the "bus"
We ride buses and we love it. We are always in the city. (Moroni 10) We have got to fortify the stakes before we can make our area bigger... We were 4 days without power.

Well this is the big week. We have been waiting for this. The baptisms are this saturday. We are lined up for 19. We will try to see if more is possible. We feel so blessed by the lord to be able to participate in this day. It is so special. We told the members that the lord is doing his work. We are nothing. It should be beautiful. We got the river picked out. Real clear water with a waterfall. Perfect location. (Make me think about the Waters of Mormon)

We went and saw another river today. We went out into the jungle. We saw some jungle ants weird little buggers.

Me and elder Welling are bros we work hard and try to always stay focused. The lady here just told us we have 5 minutes so we´ve gotta run. I also told all the members about all my friends who serve the lord. I love them all so much and i am shocked by their stories and faith. Daniel, KO, Petey, Joust, Spence, Mikey T. And all the rest. Love you all.

But all is normal here on the coast. We just taught a super poor family. They are all getting baptized on saturday. Thank you for teaching me right laura.

Elder Billy

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