Saturday, November 17, 2012

October 1, 2012

I asked him about the Earthquake in Colombia…
  1. I need pictures…Lots of them
  2. Tell me about your baptisms this week?
  3. Where do you go to write your emails?
  4. Is Buenaventura the poorest area in the country?
  5. What do people do there for work?
  6. How much do people make in a week?
  7. Tell me all about church today….
We write our emails in this nice air conditioned place on the naval base. It is nice. Buenaventura is for sure the most poor place in the mission. I have heard there are other places where it is worse. There are a lot of issues here. Most of the people here make their money from the port. Inport and export, fishing, selling stuff, or working for the Navy. Or the rich people the Drugs. :) there is a lot more money in drugs so the people tend to like working in that more. the normal workers make maybe 100 dollars a week. But the people that are poor maybe 50 or 70 dollars a week.

Well about the baptisms, they were great. President Prince came and enjoyed the afternoon of baptisms. We had 8 baptisms. So Buenaventura finished the month with 16 baptisms. Some of the converts now have callings, (Primary teachers, relief society help, and more to come) The baptisms were very special 2 mel priesthood 3 young men, 2 for the relief society, and 1 for the primary.

I wish you could all see how happy the members are here. They are so happy. But are so knew... Some examples, praying to jesus in sacrament instead of God, calling out people from the congregation to read scriptures while giving a talk, Giving the missionaries the tithing money, baptizing with the left hand in the air...dont even get me started about the sacrament. haha i feel like i am in 1830. We have manuals everyone lets read them. :)

There was an earthquake during sunday school. Everyone started to freak out a little bit. I stayed very chill i was teaching i just told them all to relax. All is well.

Love you all. Elder Belnap

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