Saturday, November 17, 2012

July 16, 2012

Laura, I have not bought a new Camera and i can not bring myself to do it. We have traveled but just close by. I worked last night in a dead area. We walked our tails off but it was a good day. It is good the threesome. Me and Elder Stutz are bros. He is from South Jordan.

I dont need anything right now. I am doing great. My electric razor got stolen when i was traveling so i dont know if i will buy another one or keeping cutting my chin with one of those razors they have here. (They are less like Razors and more like small Machetes) (I think this is so funny)

I am very happy that everyone is together at home. Og will leave soon, Honey and B will go back, but for these couple of weeks everyone is together, that is a very good thing. (I cried through this part…I can't stand that they will leave..)

We have been working hard. The mission is different but it is better. WE ARE CALI. I wouldn´t change it for the world. I love the new mission. It is smaller and we are working differently but more focused. We want to find. Finding is everything. I have studied the Stats and i know that without finding the mission would not have baptized the 160 or it would not be where it is today. Funny note, the office secretary sister Oliver from Grantsville is correcting my english. haha she says stuff like, "You can not say, where you at? haha or you have to say i have a question not i gotta question." We have a good laugh with her.

I love you all so much and i am giving it my all here in the office my last 10 days and i am so so so excited for the field. I am hungry.
Elder Belnap

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