Saturday, November 17, 2012

August 27, 2012

His pictures are very sacred…..

Okay Well i will just start right in to telling you about the baptisms
and everything. The baptisms were on saturday the 25th. It was a
beautiful day. It didn`t rain. It always rains. It was perfect

We were faced with opposition though. We had 19 people for
saturday. And friday night some couldn`t make it and on saturday
morning a few more were faced by trials and difficulties. (Satan
always does this before baptisms) Well we fought and God was with us.
We had a great meeting and 10 people were baptized. 2 for the primary,
2 young women, 4 for the relief society, and 2 future Mel. Priesthood
holders. It was a good balance and that is what we are looking for.

It was incredible the river was clear and we did the baptisms right at
sun down. We took everyone in a Chiva which is kind of like a bus. We
filled the bus. Some people had to sit on top of the bus. (You know i
sat on top). Tons of people were there who will be future members of
the church. We feel so excited for the future. We wanted more
baptisms. We fought for more. It just wasn`t the moment.

We keep our
heads up and look for the more in September. It is our prayer and
our fast that 30 people will be baptized in Buenaventura in September.
Let us excercise our faith and just like Joseph smith taught, "Let
there be light"... "Let there be 30"
Everyone was confirmed and sacrament meeting was packed 74 people came
to church. It is growing extremely fast.

1. Tell me all about the Baptisms
2. Tell me about church today
3. Send me pictures of the baptism spot
4. How are your shoes holding up? Do you need new ones?
5. How are your suit cases?
6. Tall me more about the two "fighting" sides in Buena Ventura.
7. Did you get a camera?

My suit cases are great no problems there. My shoes are just dandy
ahhh..... But it`s all good they can make it i think.
I didn`t get a camera and i probably wont. Elder Welling takes the
pictures and i save them in my memory. We have too many things going
on to buy a camera. If i buy a camera maybe we wont have enough to pay
the water bill for the church?? haha it isn`t exactly like that but
you get the idea.

That was my week and i am grateful to serve the lord. He is so merciful to us and we just try our best.



I love you Elder Belnap

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