Monday, May 16, 2011

May 9 2011

Tell grandma I loved hearing from her. Love you mom!
On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Benjamin Belnap <> wrote:

Mom I am looking for fun games like we play with the family. So after we are done teaching we can all play together. Ideas like that. Simple games. ha-ha But I will use these. Thank you so much. If anyone has fun games to play after family night I would love to send him the ideas.
No you don’t need to send a camera with president prince( His new mission President that I met this past week in St. George)  I will be fine. I was thinking about something you could send but I forgot. ha-ha I sleep like a rock ha-ha the beds aren’t too bad and my pillow is excellent. No I am not cold. It’s not cold here in Chichina.
Hello, I am sitting here in the internet cafe and the guy next to me is from Canada and he doesn´t speak Spanish. It is fun talking in English and I think we are going to go to his house to teach him and his wife the gospel. I hope that we can. I just got their cell phone number to call them. Oh YA! He came to Colombia looking for girls ha-ha. So family it was so great to talk to you yesterday. It came and went so fast. But, it really gave me a strong desire to help families.

We had a difficult experience last night. I told you mom about Jairo, He has been trying to quit smoking but he can’t and it´s been hard. I love his family. His wife and children are beautiful and I want them to be sealed for all eternity. Well we were teaching him and making goals to quit smoking. He had to go quickly to the neighbor’s house so we were talking to his wife and she began to talk about his problems. He not only smokes but he is so addicted to slot machines that he uses his daughter’s school money to gamble. He plays every day and only thinks about that. It broke my heart. He sells a drink in the street called mas ammora. I had been buying it for ten times what it was worth because the family is really poor and he was using all of it to gamble. It is a black hole. Gambling you can never have enough. There is no end, there is no fulfillment. Win or lose you are filled with desire for more. I hate slot machines.
We will keep moving forward! The baptism was amazing this week. Juliana is such a good girl and she has changed so much.
I love chinchina.
I love you family.
Elder Belnap