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July 18, 2011

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Elder Benjamin Belnap: July 18th, 2011


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Just to ease everyone’s mind…He got his packages that we sent him the end of May……I am so happy that he got them. Mom, I did not get transfered. I am here in Chinchina. I dont get to see the president very often. Once every two to three months. I will try to send a camera card. I think i am going to buy a camera this week. I didnt want to have to do it but my camera i think is dead. Two months trying to fix it and i dont think they can. Every month or so someone goes to cali. I think what i will do with my camera card is send it home with elder crompton he lives in logan and goes home in august. He is one of my best friends here. It would be great if you went to his talk.
This week went by so fast. With transfers and everything. I am with Elder Jara from Argentina. It is a lot different. He is new from the MTC and I am trying to teach him how to do missionary work. I would like to tell you about a miracle we have seen. Luceli is the mom and the grandma of two of my converts. She always said no i dont want anything to do with it and smoked 20 cig. a day. We didnt give up on her. we were always with her we got here to start coming to church and she started to read the book of mormon. She has completely finished the book and hasnt missed a sunday in two months. She absolutely loves me. I call her grandma and she calls me grandson. She is a special person. I will be baptizing her on saturday. It will be a very emotional and spiritul day. I have been with her from the beginning and seen a complete change. I love being a missionary. I have included pictures with my son and from the activity we did today at the river with our ward mission leader. We are trying to get his brothers going. We will see. pray for our baptisms this weekend. We should have 4 I hope and pray. Love Elder BelnapI loved the beef jerky. I cant even describe to you how much i loved it. Also, can you send pictures of the church? I really love the classical music kimi sent me. some more of that would be cool.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sister Belnap,Elder Belnap is a happy, hard working missionary!  We enjoyed meeting him yesterday!Love from Colombia!Sister Prince

July 11, 2011

It was great meeting the new president. I loved getting my mp3 player but i havent looked at my card yet. As far as a package goes hymn books are great. I have rings.(CTR) I also think of things then i forget. so we will have to see. I love beef jerky laura you know that. Candy and stuff is nice also. The weather is great. It is about 75 80 and i dont think there is a lot of huminity but i am not sure haha.
This week was good.  We are preparing for one baptism for the 16th and we are loaded for bear for the 23rd with 6. I hope we can do it. With your prayers and mine and our hard work, they will all be baptized. Listening to the talks that dad sent me i have learned so much and i couldnt stop listening to them. I loved it. I felt god was speaking in my ear about faith. I am trying to develop more faith. I have seen miracles in the work this week. I know the lord leads the work. I know that he answers prayers. I know that Jesus is the christ and the savior of the world. I love him with all my heart. I listened to KO’s farewell talk and it was powerful how he testified of christ. I am trying to bring people unto him, our lord christ. I am so happy to serve here in colombia. I have learned so much, I have also learned how happy i am to be from bountiful utah. We are incredibly blessed in every aspect of the word.
We also have transfers this wednesday. I dont think i will leave. I pray that i wont. It scares me to think of leaving chinchina.
I love you all so much. I have included fotos from an activity we did and also meeting the family of president prince. It was so great to meet them.Love, Elder Benjamin Belnap
He is the top Left…..I can’t see him because the picture is too small!!Mom I don’t know if you can see the picture very good but its of almost our whole mission and President Nash of the seventy. Jordan Jensen, Mike Knight are also in the photo it was great to see them in Cali. (These are two boys from Bountiful)

July 4, 2011

   Hello Mother,I will meet the president tomorrow. We have a conference in another city. So we will see if he has a package or letters for me. We had a great sunday. This week we had 8 invest. in church. That was great. The best part was of the 8 that were there 6 have a baptismal date for this month. We are working hard trying to help them. The lord is blessing us so greatly and i am happy. Okay, We had an awesome week and were busy. We are now working in both areas and trying to improve the other part of Chinchina. We are trying to have a lot of friends in the ward for our invest. It is incredible the progress they make as they have many friends in the ward and feel at home. That is a big difference between colombia and bountiful utah. They need more love and need to be more outgoing. We found someone named mauricio this week. He is the nephew of cielo that was baptized last week. He came to our activity monday and liked it so we taught him. In just a week he has recieved an answer from our father in heaven that it is true. He bore his testimony in church and said he was grateful for the missionaries and i quote "As a future member of the church of Jesus Christ Thank you for letting me be with you today" it was great. I cried haha. He is only twenty but is really mature. However, he cant serve a mission because he has a daughter that lives in ecuador. We are working hard here, all of my baptisms I have had on my mission are referencias from other people. It’s been a while since I knocked a door. Dont tell anyone but, I hate knocking doors. hahaha.I am excited to see how the mission will change with President Prince and what will be his vision for the best mission in the world Colombia Cali. I am so happy to be here as a missionary and I am also very proud to be an American. USA The greatest nation in  the world. I love you all Elder Belnap