Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 4, 2011

   Hello Mother,I will meet the president tomorrow. We have a conference in another city. So we will see if he has a package or letters for me. We had a great sunday. This week we had 8 invest. in church. That was great. The best part was of the 8 that were there 6 have a baptismal date for this month. We are working hard trying to help them. The lord is blessing us so greatly and i am happy. Okay, We had an awesome week and were busy. We are now working in both areas and trying to improve the other part of Chinchina. We are trying to have a lot of friends in the ward for our invest. It is incredible the progress they make as they have many friends in the ward and feel at home. That is a big difference between colombia and bountiful utah. They need more love and need to be more outgoing. We found someone named mauricio this week. He is the nephew of cielo that was baptized last week. He came to our activity monday and liked it so we taught him. In just a week he has recieved an answer from our father in heaven that it is true. He bore his testimony in church and said he was grateful for the missionaries and i quote "As a future member of the church of Jesus Christ Thank you for letting me be with you today" it was great. I cried haha. He is only twenty but is really mature. However, he cant serve a mission because he has a daughter that lives in ecuador. We are working hard here, all of my baptisms I have had on my mission are referencias from other people. It’s been a while since I knocked a door. Dont tell anyone but, I hate knocking doors. hahaha.I am excited to see how the mission will change with President Prince and what will be his vision for the best mission in the world Colombia Cali. I am so happy to be here as a missionary and I am also very proud to be an American. USA The greatest nation in  the world. I love you all Elder Belnap

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