Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 27, 2011

I waited all day for him to write….He was very late today….
No package...... I don’t know when I will get it. They didn’t bring any packages because they didn’t go to Cali. We had a good meeting and the zone is improving but we are not having enough baptisms. The baptisms were great. Luz marina asked me to baptize her, She was the first person I taught here in Chinchina. Also Cielo, she understands a lot more then Luz marina and has a powerful testimony. We worked really hard so she would have a lot of friends in the ward. In this moment she is a part of the happy LDS family. The primary kids here, there are a lot of them. Every fast Sunday is a line of little kids bearing their testimony just like you would hear in the ward back home. 
I am writing late today. We were very busy today. We put together a get together with our converts and members to really help them enter the ward. It was awesome. We were in the street all day. They danced, we played soccer in the street, dodge ball, and many other games. While this was all happening we had a fire in the street with delicious Colombian food cooking. I am so sun burned!! It was probably the best p day I have had on my mission. We have some great photos but my other memory card is in the house so I can’t send pictures of that. 
This week was the big farewell of President Bolivar. Yes, it was sad to say goodbye. He is a man filled with love for Christ. HE is filled with the spirit. I hope someday I can be like him. I can also say that I am so excited for President Prince. It will be the bomb!!! Gringo president big baby! 
More news, the other two elders are getting transferred tomorrow. Things were not going well in the other part of Chinchina. We will take over the area and will be working here with just us two. I am really loving working with my companion but we need to stay on target.

love you
 If I wasn’t a missionary, I would be home with you. I think this is so funny!!!

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