Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 20, 2011

No package yet we will see today. I want to answer all your questions but I have limited time because we are leaving for Manizales.
What a great week it was. We had lots of people in church today. We are working in a different way now. We got sick of doing the same old thing and we saw miracles because of it. The way to do it is one by one. The same way that one by one the people came unto Christ to feel his hands and feet. We have two baptisms Saturday with Cielo and Luz marina. I feel a deep connection with them because we have been through it all and we are arriving at this beautiful day. I am so grateful for this short time I have to work in the Lords vineyard.
On a different note this week was the finals for Colombian soccer. It was so awesome!!!!! I loved it. The jersey I sent home to Sawyer is the team that won it all. It is my favorite team. I have never seen so much passion for winning the championship. The city went absolutely insane. There was a parade of motorcycles and cars of thousands completely dressed in green. They were throwing sand everywhere and fireworks all night. But here their version of fireworks is just a bomb. I saw flairs and it was so cool the only thing that wasn’t fun is having to go to the house and miss all the party hahahaha. I wanted to put my Nacional jersey on and join the parade!! It was a cool experience.
I love you all!!! Love Elder Belnap

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