Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 13, 2011

Pictures: My friend Geraldo on his birthday and us cleaning the chapel

Hello hello,
I have not gotten a package. I will see the zone leaders in a week so maybe they have it. We had a good experience with Carlos and there is still light. I think he will be okay because of the faith that you have had and the fasting and prayers we have done as a companionship. We meet as a district every week here in Chinchina it’s only us four missionaries so nothing too special and about once a month with the whole zone. The main religion is catholic. Everyone is catholic. But, that generally means that they were baptized but don’t do anything. There is also a pretty strong Jehovah Witness branch and some other church I can’t remember what it is called. The president of the branch left. He moved to Chile to work so we will see who will be the new president. We do have a lot more help here then we had in Medellin. We have been taking all kinds of people to lessons with us and we are seeing the miracles here.
There is really only one thing that I want to write about. It is our friend Geraldo. He is an old man of 83 years. He was baptized two years ago and loves the missionaries. We were with him every day. He lived alone and was always looking out the window waiting for us. He loved to be with us and we loved to be with him. He came with us to an appointment on Thursday night and we took him to his house at 9:30. He had a doctor’s appointment the next morning. He woke up at 4 in the morning by himself and dressed and was leaving the house. It was dark and he walked the wrong way and fell down a flight of cement stairs. They took him to the hospital and we found out that he was there at about 1 o clock on Friday afternoon. We ran to the hospital. He was unconscious and alone in the hospital bed. They wouldn’t let both of us in so I went by myself.  It was so difficult to see my old friend lying there. They told me I had two minutes I took out my oil and gave him a blessing by myself. At first I was crying however after a few seconds I felt so much peace. Like it all was going to be okay. The doctors were looking at me like what are you doing?  It was such a powerful experience. Geraldo died yesterday morning. It is so hard and we have cried, laughed, and cried some more. I will miss Geraldo. I will never forget him. He wrote in his journal the night before he died about the missionaries. He really loved us. Today is the funeral it will be very interesting to see how they do it here in Colombia. We will be going in to the Catholic Church for mass. He was the only member in his family so they will be doing the catholic traditions. I will work harder for Geraldo. I love you all so much. Love elder belnap.

Mom I know you are sad you got released, I am too.
The picture is great of you and the new president!!!

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