Saturday, November 17, 2012

October 15, 2012

  1. Did you get your birthday packages? I didn't call them that before because I was worried you won't get them
  2. How was the finding this week?
  3. Tell me all about church? Do you teach? Sing?
  4. Any baptisms this week?
  5. Did you find out about us helping to get the leadership to the temple?
Laura, I am sitting in the office of the mission. We came to have our interviews and pick up a new missionary. It should be great. I got my packages thank you so much. I feel very weird being in the office again. But happy to see my friend Elde Rivadeneira again. Today is my birthday i am 21. That is neat. Like my letter says, just another day in the office. :) I am happy to serve on my birthday. I wish i could serve the lord on all of my birthdays. We had a great sunday. Elder PatiƱo left and finished his mission. It was a very sad moment. I taught the sunday school and Priesthood. How to do home teaching. haha I thought about all the times i would visit with dad. That was a special time for me. We had 1 baptism this week and we are going to have a few this saturday.

We had a great week here. We are trying to work in a balanced plan. We are working hard out here in Buenaventura. We are going to work as a team this transfer. From the looks of it, me and Elder Welling will stay here. I will finish my mission here and give it my all. The lord has blessed us and we are trying our hardest to change the world. This sunday will be very special. We are going to try to break all the records for church attendence and new investigators this week. May the lord bless his work here.

Thank you for all your letters this week and all your support. I even got a dear elder from Emmo. Miracles do exist.

Love you all. Elder Belnap

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