Saturday, November 17, 2012

july 21, 2012

If you could add your prayers as he has requested at the end of this email that would be great…Thanks
  1. What will your schedule be this week?
  2. Did you get a camera: Get one please
  3. Do you know your new area?
  4. Are you ready?
The schedule this week is about the same as every transfer cycle. The only difference is the missionaries that finish, will go home on monday instead of on friday. So other than that it should be a normal week, on tuesday we will pick up the new missionaries, we will have some training, and they will see a baptism. Then on tuesday morning, we would normally have training in the office but i am heading out so i will be arriving in my new area on wednesday aroud noon.
I am ready to head to the field. I have been waiting for my time again. However, i dont want you to think that in the office i am here all day and night and haven´t been able to be a normal missionary. No, i told president when i got here that i did not want to be coach. I want to be out on the floor with them. It just isn´t the same as a normal companionship as it is here in the office.
The big news of the week is Jaime. He is my convert that was baptized about 6 weeks ago. Well he invited his friend to hear the missionaries in another stake and he is being baptized today. Jaime is going to baptize him... It is a miracle. I wish you could all be here to see it. Jaime changed so much. They called him last week as 1st counseler in the young mens and he has a talk this week about the pioneers. I feel so much joy with him. I love him. Today he will use his preisthood and baptize his friend. Incredible.
Family i will send you pictures from my next area. I am stoked. Pray for the city that i am going to so that they may open their hearts to the gospel. It will be very new to them.
I love you all, Benny

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