Saturday, November 17, 2012

october 22, 2012

  1. Tell me all about your companion: name, where is he from, his family
  2. Do you still live with Elder Welling?
  3. Are there two sets of missionaries or three now?
  4. How many are coming to church now?
  5. Did you do anything fun for your day of birth?
I started my mission and will finish it with a colombian. I love colombian companions. He is from bucaramanga. His brother is a member. His parents are not. He has been in the church for a few years. He is so teachable and easy going. I feel good to train again. It is of course different but i am happy about it. We all live together. Me and Elder Welling moved all the beds in the same room so now we all four sleep together. It is good. We had 90 again this week. We wanted more this week but we are holding it. I didn`t do much. I went to the branch presidents house and she made some dessert and i ate some rice.

Well it has been a great week. We had a baptism. Nichol a young girl who is so special. Almost all her family is a member. More to come this month. This monday i came to the conclusion that i wanted to do something that had never been done before. I wanted to find 100 people in one day. Without using activities or doing divisions or anything. Well we left at ten on friday morning with very heavy backpacks and with so much energy. I honestly felt like we were going to do it. Well we did not do it. But we gave it our all. We found 54 people and taught 19 lessons. It was a special experience. Ï felt that the lord was happy with the effort and i felt the joy from inviting all of these people to baptism in the first lesson. :)
This work is beautiful. I love it so much I am trying my hardest here to do what is right. I love you all
Elder Belnap

Con amor,
Elder Benny Belnap

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