Saturday, November 17, 2012

July 7, 2012

It has been a very busy week. We had the big conference and it was loads of fun and very spiritual. The zone of Palmira won the tournament and we got to the semis as the office but lost. I got competitive for a second but then i realized i am a missionary and cant be competetive.. haha The spirit was felt and we are making the big emphasis, Finding. We have start to find a lot of new people and we know that it is almost like the motor that pushes us towards baptism.

Other big news. The missionary that will replace me arrived to the office yesterday. He is Elder Stutz from South Jordan I will have 2 weeks to help him and my old companion be trained and i will be heading to the field on the 23rd of this month. It will be a sad day when i leave but also very happy to be heading out to work like crazy. (Mi compaƱero dice que va a ponerse muy triste cuando me vaya.)

I have started to give away the rings and it has been fun. I will keep giving more away it is very special when the people see them. (These are PRO rings that President Taylor produces: Pray, Read Obey)

Family you will have to forgive me for being so short. I loved the picture of the crawdads.(We went on a ward campout with the Thai ward and they cooked crawdads) So many memories. I told Elder Torgerson today that when we come out of the Bob in 2014 that we will stay in his house, close by Heimer. We can put the boys there and sister torgerson will cook us biscuits and Gravy. Oh ya!

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