Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 12, 2012

  1. Tell me all about the baptisms
  2. Tell me about church and the plans for the temple
    1. Who is going to the temple?
    2. Are some of the very new members going to do baptisms? (I guess most are very new)
    3. How many are getting endowments?
  3. Please send pictures this week…
The baptisms were incredible. There was a different spirit in the meeting. I felt overcome with pure joy. Tomorrow afternoon the branch goes to the temple. They will be there three days. The majority will do baptisms because the majority have been baptized in the last 4 months. They are excited and have been taught of the importance of this trip. Many converts are going. A few will be endowed. The Relief society president will be endowed and two from the elders quorom.

We had 7 baptisms this week. The Hinestroza family is very special for all of us. Elder Welling and I found the family a few months ago. On saturday 5 of them were baptized. It was beautiful. They were all members of another church. Cruz who is the strongest of all of them afterwords she stood to share her testimony and said the church was true. Then she said i want to sing to you all. She sang and clapped and danced. I just smiled and we laughed as all the members and converts clapped with her.

Jhon Jairo and yised were also baptized. Jhon Jairo is 17 and he did not want to be baptized. It was special for his family to see him baptized. His dad baptized and comfirmed him. (His dad just recieved the priesthood it was great).

We are working hard and getting everything ready for the 24th for the baptisms.

I love you all thank you for everything.
Elder Belnap

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