Saturday, November 17, 2012

april 21, 2012

Questions of the week:
  1. What do you hear about Luis and Vanessa? Are they progressing to baptism?
  2. Do you ever hear from any of the boys from school?
  3. President was sick last week: What was wrong? How is he now?
  4. When do new missionaries come in?
  5. Will the new missionaries come from Bogota MTC now?
Okay maybe i messed up in one of my emails but i dont know a vanessa. It should be Luis and Paola. They are doing great. Luis is already a member and Paola was baptized on wednesday. We had a great week, we had incredible experiences. I need to write them all down. Sometimes i hear from my friends other times i dont, i guess it just depends on the week. No he wasnt sick he was just car sick when we traveled in a bus. New missionaries arrive the first week of May. There are a lot of North American missionaries that are coming. Yes they now do phase training in the Mtc in Bogota. I am sure that is an interesting experience for those missionaries.
Well on wednesday we had a great baptism planned and ready to go. It was going to be at 6 30 in the afternoon. At about 4 it started to rain and hail. It turned out not to be a normal storm. It took down telefone poles, knocked out electricity in almost all of Cali, and caused a complete traffic stop. We tried to help everyone get to the church but the churches electricity was gone too. We didnt know what to do really.. We asked paola what she wanted. She said i will get baptized in the dark but today is my baptism. Good enough for me. We bought a bunch of candles and used flashed lights. We had an unforgettable meeting and the spirit was truly felt. President Prince baptized her and it was special. She taught us so much in her conversion process.
We went to a different city to work with some missionaries that haven´t had a lot of success. Well we went and visited old investigatores and invited them to a fireside and we conducted many baptismal interviews with people trying to help with in their progression. Well again we saw the miracle, I interviewed Dayana who is ready for baptism and my companion interviewed Diego. Diego had so many doubts and questions about the church. My companion was able to help him recieve a witness of the truth. He was baptized at 10 am this morning. It was great to be a part of that experience. God truly does his work here and i am grateful to participate.I love you all and we are doing great. I have a great companion and we are working at it everyday.
Elder Belnap

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