Saturday, November 17, 2012

april 14, 2012 additional story

Also…to finish up his other story from his email:
By the way we missed the bus. We had to travel to another city to get a bus to another city that got us on a bus to cali. got in bed at midnight. wow hahha (of course this makes me nervous)

Funny story, well there are so many but i wish i could tell them in person. We were eating lunch the other day i was with another american but he is new in the mission. Well the gave us dessert after lunch but it was weird. Milk with Cheese and pineapple. ( Ya what the freak) So the sister wanted to watch us eat it. I just downed the thing but the other american was suffering and he started to sweat and gagg hahaha The sister got all mad and it was hilarious. Food stories are so funny. Pigs feet and stuff like that. I love to see the reaction.

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