Saturday, November 17, 2012

may 26, 2012

We were able to teach a little bit this week. It was good. We saw so many miracles. I did get the package and i enjoyed it greatly thank you! I am doing well. I dont need anything else. They robbed my shaver... I may buy another if that is okay... When i talk to people in the street i always talk about other things before i talk about the church. I really dont do a lot of contacting. I havent knocked a door for a long time.
The boundaries of the mission. Ya everything above tulua is part of the mission. Better said my first two areas that i had are now part of the mission medellin. It will be hard to separate...
ill tell you about this week. We had to do some huge errands for some marriages. (I have learned more about marraige law in colombia then whatever other colombian) Whenever we go i always say that i come representing my client (Investigator). They see an american and they actually believe that i am someone important. haha I always carry an envelope (its always empty) But it makes it look like i am doing something important. so this week we finally got jaime and blanca ready for marraige. They have signed and they are all set to go for next wednesday in their marraige. They will be baptized the same day.
they have wanted this for almost a year and now it is happening. It is a miracle.

I love you all so much. We have been traveling a little bit. Enjoy the pictures! WE did some interviews in chinchina and manizales so i have some pictures with Jhon Jairo, with my abuela and some pictures from Manizales. It might be the last time that i go there.

This week we will be moving around a little bit also. I will try to write everyone else on monday morning. We have got to get going now!! Elder Belnap

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