Saturday, November 17, 2012

August 6, 2012

These are my questions for him: I love this weeks email: Feels different

  1. How many people have you found? I have been praying for your 30 in 30 days.
  2. Tell me about church today: Did you ever sing for a special number?
  3. How far are you from Cali. (mission home)
  4. I would love pictures in your apartment and neighborhood
  5. Do the other missionaries live close?
Well we have found like 60 ish in 10 days but this next week it will be a lot bigger... This week is when all our planning starts to take action... Church was a lot better this week. There were 50 people the funny thing about having 50 people is that only a handful are members. haha The investigators class was packed to capacity. We sang last week in church. this week we didn`t. We are about 3 hours away from Cali. But the truth is it is another world it is like walking out of Colombia and arriving in Africa. We could send you some pics. I will have to take some. We live in a pretty nice neighborhood. All 4 of us live in the same house. The good thing is we are all friends because i was in the office when the other 2 were zone leaders so it`s a good deal.


Well we did some cool stuff this week.
1. We taught a lesson in the ocean. You have to walk out on this bridge and their house has it`s foundation into the ocean. (When i say foundation i mean like 8 wood poles that they stick into the ocean floor)
2. I saw a house of a very very poor family. the roof wasn`t even a roof but they had bigger speakers then i had ever seen in my life. I am not joking at least 10 feet tall these speakers. They are a party people here.
3.We got in a car accident haha but all is well. Elder welling feels like he was protected because the semi smashed into his side of the van.
4.Like i said we filled the church. We are working with about 20 people for baptism for the 25th. The lord is doing everything here.
5. We will start on Wednesday teaching groups of people the gospel. We are teaching College english classes and the "university" will give us access to their classes and to all their students. We are trying to plan how we are going to handle so many people.
6. We are working with the local political leaders and the radio to get big meetings in the community. I want to send a picture of us standing in front of these groups. It is incredible to testify to these people.

I`ve got fire in my veins. The lord is doing it all and we are trying hard to keep up. He has put huge trust in us.

Love you all, Elder Belnap

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