Saturday, November 17, 2012

august 13, 2012

Did you have baptisms this week?
Are you drinking the water? I heard you shouldn't.
Are there places to shop where you are located?
Do you need a razor or anything else like that?
Do you cook?
Do you wash your clothes?
If you don't, do members do the work and get paid?

We didn`t have baptisms it`s hard to have them weekly because we have to take everyone to the river and it`s kinda far away. We have to pick days for our baptisms. The 25th is our day. There are over 20 for that day.
Laura I totally drink the water. haha I think the water they give us they collect from the roof tops because it rains so much.
We can shop ya. Stuff that is way cheap. So you know i am in paradise. I don`t need anything i dont think. Maybe teeth whitening stuff. and some garment tops not bottoms and those dri lux kind. not the silky one. I sweat too much here.
We cook sometimes here in our house but lately it has been hard.
A member washes our clothes. There are some members here. We pay the sister to wash them. I think she tried to add you on facebook laura.

Well well well. Big news haha Colombia is awesome but it`s got it`s problems. In the War they constantly have going on they blew up a power plant way up in the mountains so the city is without energy. This is day 4 Black out. We were able to find internet because some guy has a generator. But really its not too bad. We keep moving on like if it all was normal. The people don`t mind too much and we teach with candles. He is the light of the world right?

It was our first sunday in our new house. It is ours and it`s awesome. I am worried that very soon we will be way too many members to fit in the church. We filled the house to capacity this week and it was just week one... That`s a problem... But i guess we will work it out as we go.

We did a service project this week we donated beds to a family that slept on the floor. It was incredible when they saw their mattresses. They were so happy to be off the ground and actually have blankets.

We love this work and we are so grateful to serve. I love you all. Elder Belnap!

Elder Benny Belnap

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