Saturday, November 17, 2012

june 16, 2012

Last Week he only sent: I am Ok and Pray for us.

He didn't answer my questions from this week…Their mission is splitting…

I think with a lot of feelings in my heart i will go right into my letter. It has been a very difficult week. We have recieved 20 new missionaries, sent home 7 others, changed 70 to other cities and balanced a proseltying area. I say difficult but the truth it is a beautiful week. I think i can change dads quote from, "Its not what you have done that makes you tired its what you have left to do that makes you tired", to "what i have done has made me very very tired..." haha.

I thought about my dad a lot this week. He taught me how to be a man. I remember in Alma when he teaches his son corianton about how to be a man. He teaches him the power of obedience and how our testimony moves us. I feel moved. Dad is my best friend, i told my comp yesterday that dad has probably told me only a handfull of times that he loves me... But i know it more then a know another other thing and he knows i love him. I am the son of his right hand and he is my father, sealed to me forever. I love you pop.

well enough about dad, ha ha. The house is full because we have the group that is going to medellin there. We had a skype conference with the missionaries in the coast to talk about some stuff, i met the assistent there and everything, (Elder Maughn from Provo) it was great. They seem like a solid group. We are working hard and preparing baptisms for next week. Just got off the phone with uncle jens. ( Jordan Jensen from Bountiful High) I love talking with him.

Tell everyone that i love them. Tell pat and mark oberg how much they mean to me. I miss them and pray for them
Elder Belnap,

So cool that kelon saw Pres Beck. Maybe you should tell him to throw this colombian down here a bone,.. haha Love you. The church is true

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