Saturday, November 17, 2012

june 30, 2012

Did you get your package? I hope so….He got the package with the PRO rings….YEAH
1. How is it with the new change in the mission?
2. What have you eaten anything interesting lately?
3. How were your last meetings with the missionaries that will be in the other mission?
4. Will you still fly to some areas or just take buses?
5. When are the next transfers?


The change is sad but it is very good. We said goodbye to the north this week. (A lot of tears) Tomorrow it will be official. The mission colombia Medellin. It is a miracle and it is a message to the world that the work is growing. I wouldn´t say i have eaten wierd things lately. I have eaten a lot of Pizza because we have traveled a ton. Our last meetings were very spiritual. The president talked about "Who We Are" We are heirs of Joseph. We are his sons and daughters. All come to us to find food in the plague.
We will only fly now to one area. Just to the south, Pasto. It is really cold there. The next transfers are on the 25th of July. I will be most likely heading out to the field with the rest of the "Soldiers".

Well, this week we went to medellin to drop off the new office team for the new mission. We had to say goodbye to our best friend Elder Ramirez. i was with him here in the office and now he is the assistent to the new mission. He will be great. I also got to know three missionaries that came from Barranquilla I got to know Elder Maughn (provo Utah Parker Winters was his trainer Sick!) Elder Delgado (ecuador) Elder McFarlane ( California)

They should have a great group. The office is now very quiet and it will take some getting used to.

I am excited to tell you that this wednesday we will have a mission conference. It has never been done. We will bring everyone to Cali. now that the mission is smaller, it will be much easier to accomplish. We will have a very spiritual morning and a conference centered on obedience to the lord. Then we will have a huge "World Cup" I am so stoked. I am way out of shape but it will still be fun.

I will send pictures. By the way my camera got robbed a few months ago so i have just been borrowing from everyone else and putting the pictures on a memory stick.
With all my love. Happy fourth of July. I love Colombia, but God bless America. haha.
I know grammie is happy on this holiday she loves this country. Tell grandma i love her and that i have it in my Calender for December 3rd 2:00pm Date with Grammie Myrne, Sizzler, oh ya.

We had another baptism on Wednesday. Mauricio. He is a young kid maybe 28 years old and made a lot of bad choices. he has 3 bullet wounds and has been stabbed 47 confirmed times. His entire body is covered in scars. It is kind of scary to see. his face is a little messed up from all the drugs and fighting. He is the neighbor of some of my converts. He changed so much. He was baptized and now he is starting over. I am so grateful to be a part of this change.

Con amor,
Elder Benny Belnap

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