Saturday, November 17, 2012

June 2, 2012

Questions I asked him this week:

  1. Has it been raining there?
  2. Didn't get the rings, President T out of town
  3. Do you have seasoning for your meats? Like Taco seasoning
  4. Do you give away the song books to the members/new members?
  5. Do the kids like the CTR rings?
  6. Do people like the pictures of Christ and the temples?
  7. Jackee sent me your email to her: How is your head? Sorry. (that darn bus)
It actually has not been raining here. It has been very calm and a lot of sun. Which is a great thing. You know i dont think i have seasonings and stuff. I guess i just dont cook enough to really worry about it. Of course i give the things away. The investigators love it. We mostly give them to other members so they will give them to our investigators. The kids love their rings. (You could always send more)
Hello everyone, We also had an incredible week here. Finally jaime and blanca were married. We went straight from the marraige to the chapel. They were baptized and anxious to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. I love them so much. So many missionaries have tried to solve the problem with their papers fo marraige. The lord was so merciful with us and with them. We had to find a solucion it took a lot a lot of effort. They were so happy. We felt the joy with them everyone cried when they shared their testimonys.
We had interviews with the president and it was great. Looks like i will be sticking around in the office for a while. The office is a lot different and we are working hard. There is so much to do in the change of the mission.
I love you all Elder Belnap
Enjoy the pictures
(I told him about three miracles that happened this week.) (At least that is how many I noticed…I am sure there were more.)

Mom what a tender email. I am touched and filled by the love of our father in heaven. I love you so much laura.

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