Saturday, November 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

  1. What time do you have church?
  2. How many children are in the primary?
  3. How may mutual kids?
  4. When are transfers?
  5. Your next baptism is next Saturday right?

Mom, We have church at 10 on sundays. We now have to divide primary into three classes. Oh ya. There are probably 25-30 primary. There are now about 15 in the mutual age group. Transfers i think are on the 16th of october. We have baptisms this saturday and the 29th.

We are happy about everything that has been happening. Elder Welling and I are teaching the new members how to teach classes. We want them to be self sufficient. It is going well. We are having huge progress by some of our converts and investigators. They are going to the temple to do baptisms and some members their ordinances. It is our goal and our desire. They would go in November. Each one has to save up 35 dollars to go. It wont be easy for them.

This week we are only focusing on the baptisms. We need them to be perfect. We committed ourselves to doing something big and we will fulfill it. We want this part of gods kingdom to grow.

This is short. I was writing the president about some stuff he needed. I love you all.

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