Saturday, November 17, 2012

September 10, 2012

We are no longer a group laura...

Laura... President prince announced that the first presidency has formed the Buenaventura Branch. Now i am crying.
  1. How was church?
  2. Do you talk?
  3. Who is the leader in the church?
  4. How far are you from Cali?
  5. How often do the zone leaders go there or do you get a visit?
  6. Is it still raining? It is still hot here in St. George: 95 and 85 in Bountiful
  7. When are you having another baptism?
The leader here is Jose Rodriguez. Him and his wife are like our parents. We love each other very much. We are about 3 hours from Cali. The zone leaders have come out here once. It is still raining. Every day. We have baptisms for the 22 and 29th of this month.

Okay well i think i will tell you about church this week. We did all that we could so that it would be a special sunday. We knew that we would have a lot of investigators in church. We knew this week would be the week. Well president prince called and told us to put the phone on speaker. he announced that the first presidency had authorized and endorsed the formation of the first Buenaventura Branch. There was a lot of emotion. We have dedicated a huge amount of time in the strengthing of the members that we have and looking for more. We have found a lot of members that didn`t know the church was here and have baptized others. We have focused and prayed for this city. But the lord did everything. We really have not done anything ourselves. The lord has done it all. We can`t even take partial glory for it. Thank you for all your prayers. The church here started the first sunday with 13 members of the church. This last sunday the 9th of september there were 98 people in church.

The branch president is Jose and he does have counselors. (They are very recent converts. It becomes incumbent on us to fulfill and help. We are so grateful. We feel the prayers coming from up north. We feel the love and power.

Elder Belnap

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