Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feb 11, 2012

Questions I asked him this week:
1.   Tell me all about transfers
2.   Were there any new missionaries from Utah or the states?
3.   Emilee had surgery on her finger: her bone in the end of her finger turned to mush: they put bone from her wrist in her finger: It is getting better and it is not cancerous.  Good News
4.   How often do you travel?
5.   Do you have zone leaders come to Cali or do you have zone conferences around the areas?
6.   How are your garments and white shirts holding up?

Well transfers were great. It was a very crazy week but it was fun. The new missioneries got here on tuesday at 7 o clock in the morning. We took all 25 of them back to Cali and they had trainings and interviews with President Prince. Then on wednesday after getting home around 11 00 or 11 30 we got up at 4 to go the bus terminal to send the groups of normal missioneries to their areas. The president changed the whole mission. 110 misioneros had transfers and there are only 160 missioneries here. It was insane. It was a miracle that everyone got to their area and that everything worked out.

There are three from the US. Two from California and 1 from New Mexico. They are cool. It is hard to start the mission i realized that talking to them. Emmo had surgery? I wonder why her bone turned to oatmeal. Too much Halo.. haha love you emmo.

We travel every couple of weeks. Next week we start zone conferences so we will travel through the whole mission. Should be good and bad. Good to be with the missionaries bad to be away from investigatores.

When there are zone leader conferences they all come to Cali. This friday will be the conference with them. We have a good plan and we feel things will change with this conference.

My shirts and Garments are good.

I thought i would tell you that we had a baptism this week. Francisca, was baptized on tuesday in front of all the new missioneries. It was a special night. Her whole family are members and she has known about the church for thirty years. But, we know it was her time to be baptized. We went and taught her with President prince and we had incredible experiences. The president taught with love and power and he said to her "the lord wants you to be baptized on tuesday will you do it" she did it. She was baptized with her mom who is an eternal investigator in another area. What a special night. Her brother baptized her and there were a lot of tears in the meeting. The family was so happy. I love her so much and i am sure i will write more about her.

I love this work cause i know it is real. It fills me with joy. I want to serve the lord forever.

hope all is well. Elder Belnap

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