Tuesday, April 10, 2012

November 14, 2011

(Personally, I love this email today…I told him I wanted to come through the computer and hug him so consider it done.)
Hello hello mother,
I will answer the first question in the email. Everyone that was baptized was comfirmed. I will let you know about the package when it arrives. Elder hidalgo could be a good one to send a package to.
I feel very happy to write this week about the experiences we had. It was a special week and i felt the lord was truly with us. The white night was on saturday. We got there early and prepared everything and practiced a song we sang i need thee every hour. It was great. There is a missionary who has perfect pitch and plays the piano like erin does. He made a sweet arrangement in about 14 seconds. Then people started to arrive. We had really pushed this night so there were a  lot of members there ready and  after taking pictures we started. President prince and his wife were there. I had invited him like 1 month ago and he wanted to come. It was powerful to have him there. We first met in the chapel and then moved to the font when it was time.  No one said a word. It was silent. The lord had put his veil over all and we were all calmed. One after another the people were baptized. I felt the love of god as they all left the font with smiles. We changed our clothes in that same spirit and entered the chapel again. The president spoke shortly and then the time was given to the converts. In front of a filled chapel they stood and bore testimony. These people were not baptisms, they are converts. I had never felt a peace like i felt in the chapel or in the font. I felt that my soul was still.
To make it even better i got mail after from the president. I got birthday cards from aunts and uncles and from grandma. I got all the letters from my friends and they made me smile and laugh. I read about the funny experiences with mikey t and spence fighting to learn a very difficult tongue and being in a very different world but i feel that all missions are very different and that they are all the same. Kayo and petey in paraquay together. Kayo is powerful and always testifies of truth and petey has the greatest sense of humor haha. Joust is skinny and it freaks me out and con and dan are in the states and it makes me jealous at times. I loved the letters.
I hope you enjoy some of the pictures.
I will try to send my card with elder farr. We will see mother.(This is a boy from Mantua who is coming home this month)
This week was transfers. I was not transfered. I am happy to stay another 6 weeks.
 I love you all. Benny

1.       How did your white night turn out?
2.       Did they come to church today?
3.       Did the members greet them and love them?
4.       Are there more missionaries that we should send packages?
5.       Tell me when you get your package…mailed it last Monday

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