Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 17, 2012

I loved your pictures: Why are you in a bus with all those people?

One of the pictures I named: Where's Waldo???
Do you have a new companion?
Tell Elder Jammett I love him for all he has taught you and for his service and hard work.
You are only a couple of days for the 20th…We are all praying for you, the mission and your investigators.
Any traveling this week?  Did you get to go to Chinchina?

Hello Family,

Well we were on the bus because there was a fireside in Manizales with president prince. So we of course assisted. Those from chinchina had a bus contracted to take them there. So i got to see almost everyone. It was incredible. I love the pictures and i love all the people from the ward in chinchina. Elder Jamett goes home next week. It will be sad. My new Companion will be here on Monday or Tuesday. The president still hasnt decided who it will be. This week we dont travel because it is transfer week. Monday is planning day and office meeting. Tuesday is the arrival of new missionaries. They will practice the choir, we will take them to see all of Cali from a mountain, they will go to the government to get visas figured out, and they will go to the big white night here in Cali. We are expecting a huge amount of baptisms. I will send the picture so you can send it to the Ensign!! Ha-ha  On Wednesday is the training of the new missionaries and their trainers. Then they head out in the field. Thursday we do the transfers of all the other missionaries. There are about 70 that will be changed. It is smaller then the last time. That is good. We finish the week with training of the zone leaders. It really is a very busy week but we see so many miracles and we learn from our mistakes and the lord is so merciful to us.
This last week was great. We had our last Zone Conference in Pereira, In the conference I talked about something that i hadn´t talked about before. It was less about the way we do the work and more about the missionary. We read scriptures in the new testament about peters life. when christ said "Come and i will make you fishers of men.." He called peter forever. He was his man. Peter forgot for a second when he denied christ three times the promise that he had made and the calling he accepted. We have all denied christ and not just three times. Many times. It hurts to think of all the drops of blood that were spilled for me. I invited all th missionaries to change if it was necesarry, to seek perfection, and to remember the promise we have made. I am so imperfect and i wish i could be better. Christ forgives us as we serve, I have felt it. I love this work and we will have 3 baptisms this week which is the best news. The gospel=The plan god has to save us all. He wants it and we help.
I love you all. Elder Belnap
Enjoy March Madness!!!! I am too but it is a different type of madness.  (I think this is funny…and true)

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