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December 12, 2011

That will work at 11 will be good. Here is what you should send me. Send me all the skype addresses with good instructions on how to use skype. i have never done it. I will be calling from a members house. but, if it doesn´t work i will call from an internet cafe. if that doesn´t work i will just call your cell phone. However, the president has been very clear. we have 45 minutes. if we waste 30 working  around with Skype we only have 15 to talk. so i will get it ready in the members house but, you should practice and see if all systems go okay.
The problem with the noche blanca is that there are a lot of activites this weekend so it was hard to get the chapel when we wanted. There are many baptisms in the zone but everyone is going to their own chapel.
It is a little hot but, it has been raining a lot and it has been bad in a lot of cites in colombia. A couple of areas have been flooded pretty bad. I am talking like guys walking down the street with tvs on their back flooding. Like boats on the highway kind of flooding haha.
The members are all very well. We have a good relationship with everyone but some are more kind and warm then others. We have a good time and we do a lot of activities with them.
Well this was a big week. Bertha and isreal got married. It was my first time being part of a marriage. it was awesome. They are both 68 and ready for baptism. Bertha was a school teacher for thirty years and very smart. When the missionaries first taught her that jesus christ came to the americas she laughed and said, "how did he get here? Did he come swimming or in a canoe?" She is so funny. She is always straight up and it makes me laugh so hard. Now i love her a lot but at first it was so difficult to get through to her.
She has made so much progress. She feels the truth and she is going to take the step of faith to be baptized. She still has doubts she still is the same old funny bertha but she has felt it is true. Her husband isreal cant be baptized for at least a while. The president has to interview him again then send his letter to the church office to see if he can be baptized or no.
I included the picture of their marraige. They just got married in some goverment building then we had lunch with the members in their house. It was great.
I have thought about faith this week. I felt like i was recieving revalation about this principle. What is faith? Hebrews 11 gives us the definition. But to really understand we can read modern revelation through the prophet joseph smith. In lectures on faith he teaches three necesarry things in order to have faith. I only want to examine the third of these. He says, In order to have faith you need to know that your course of life is pleasing to god. So i think, to please god we must be obedient. Without obedience we do not have faith. In the scriptures we find the promises "if ye have faith you can do all things". I think we could put if you know that your life is pleasing to god, you can do all things. or if you are obedient, you can do all things. It is my feeling that faith and obedience in this aspect are one in the same.
May we all have faith and devolop it through sacrifice, so that we might obtain eternal life.
I love you all. Elder Belnap

CHRISTMAS CALL:  We will all be home on December 24th at 9:00 am here and I think that is 11:00 your time.  Will that work for you…What about Skype addresses and such?
I am thinking you will need to add dad’s email and call that on Skype.  Do you want to practice on Skype before the 24th?  (you know me)
1.       Are you set up to have another White Night on the 16th?  I am praying for it.
2.       If any of the packages get in “mail jail” and you can pay to get them out…Go ahead
3.       G-ma gave you money for Christmas and I put it in your account…You might want to say thanks in the email
4.       Alan also gave you money for Christmas and your birthday
5.       How hot is it there?
6.       Did investigators come to church today?
7.       How is it going with the members?  Love them…..

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