Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 10, 2012

Do you have any new news about the mission division?  I know that it will be part of your mission and the Baranquilla mission.
Did you do any traveling this week?
I loved all the pictures.  They make me smile.
How are your plans for the 20th?
What names can we put in the temple to help?
We looked up Cuey….Are you kidding me???? Bless you my son

We dont have any news about the mission division but we will see in the next coming weeks.
We didnt really travel too much we went to popayan where we saw a bad semi accident, well we didnt see the accident just the after affects. The man fell asleep and smashed his semi into a house after falling down a large mountain. Not sure if he lives or if he is in the spirit world. bad deal. The 20th will be a special day in the mission. We just have to wait and see. We need to do all we can and let the lord work in the hearts of these people. I am happy to serve in Cali and to see the miracles that are happening. I sent the names to dad. Cuey... Ya its like grilled rat... oh ya.

We have a great branch president working with us and the Lord is with us in every phase of the work. The president taught us how to be better in extending committments. I love how it feels when we help them make committments with the lord and they keep them. We were guided by divine power to 2 families this week. I love teaching families. They are prepared and ready to accept the gospel. Something interesting... The wife is like 40 and he is younger then me.. 19... Ya i know she has a daughter his age. Love is love i guess. haha

We have are focus and we are working for it. I loved the pictures and letters this week. I love getting letters from honey and pictures of sawyer. I hope og gets better soon. We need a miracle and God is ready to give it to us. We are going to Manizales this week. Maybe i will see Chinchina. We will just have to see...

I love you all. Elder Belnap

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