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December 26, 2011

I am sending this entire letter to all the family.  These are new pictures from the other email too…The highlighted part is what I took out of the other email.
Pray for your brother….

This week was jorlys baptism. Jorly has listened to missionaries for a long time and all her family are members. (tios abuelos madre... etc.) She didn´t want to be baptized. We thought so much about her and we invited her to listen to us again she accepted but said not  to push her for baptism. We taught her and helped her gain a sincere desire to read and pray. She did it. God in his love fulfilled his promise. She felt the answer and without hesitation was baptized on christmas eve. What a beautiful experience. I feel so happy and blessed to be a part of it. I love this work.
Christmas was great. We just visited members. We invited all of them to come unto christ. It felt so great to bear testimony about christ. Church was a little weird. There were four talks very little singing, and the topics of the talks were, joseph smith, the family, service, love. Good topics but its christmas sunday i wanted to hear about the lord jesus. But many people went not too many but there were people.
We got a phone call this morning that a convert of the church here in samanes he maybe was baptized 4 months ago was shot last night. They shot him in the mouth outside his house. His name is fredy. Pray for fredy he is a special person that has changed a lot. He is alive he is in cali in the hospital. I dont know how the recovery is going or what is going to happen.
Well i am being transfered from samanes. I will have some time to work in Cali. It will be cool to be in the big city and to work with wards and stakes. My new companion is elder jamett. We are really good friends he is from chile and is an awesome missionary. I respect him a lot and we called each other last night and we are excited to work together. I will probably be his last companion. We will just have to wait and see. He finishes his mission in march.
I have gotten emails from many friends and i hope everyone had a great christmas. I can see that colombia has forgotten the true meaning. however, we helped some remember. I know my saviour lives. Jesus is the christ. I feel the power in those words. I love this work and i pray i can be more like christ.
Elder Belnap

P.s. Last night was the longest night of my mission. I have never had problems sleeping but at 1 o clock in the morning i was still awake thinking about the future. The president called my to be his new assistent and it has been a lot to swallow. We will just have to try our best haha.

Mom i haven´t gotten your letter yet...

  I will be here at 3:00 our time and 5:00 your time to practice Skype.  MOM

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