Tuesday, April 10, 2012

December 5, 2011

The packages will be passed to us when we go to Cali for the Christmas conference with the president. That is on the 20th. I am still in a threesome and will be until next transfer. It is different but that is okay. We have so many sick plans to find more people to teach. We have two activities one is more recreational the other will be spiritual and of course we are going caroling. Christmas day, my plans are to confirm the people that get baptized on christmas eve haha.

I can´t believe all the pictures from the destruction in the yard. Our house looks ugly now without those trees.  I liked seeing the picture of all those who were there helping and i understand it must of been a task. You all worked hard, I feel happy I was so far away haha.

The Christmas devotional was so great. I felt the spirit and loved to sing. It was a great way to start this month. I enjoyed the video of Christ’s birth.
But also a funny experience happened. I was with another gringo in the zone and we decided lets see it in English so we set up a TV in a room in the stake center and all the others were seeing it in Spanish. A sister came into the room when it was starting and said can I watch it here we said yes but it is in English. She sat down and after two seconds she realized she didn´t understand anything she said I am putting it in Spanish. I don’t know why but I lost all patience with this sister. ha-ha. She says you guys need to watch it in Spanish. I said sister no we put this room in English there is another room for Spanish. Then she says so you can learn Spanish better, and then it slid from my mouth the smart comment, "Sister I practice Spanish every day, I don’t need to practice more. Could you go to the other room?" Yes I said it. Then the guilt started to come. She had left and I was watching the conference and I felt horrible. After the closing prayer I went out running to try to find the sister. I found her and asked her to forgive me. She said of course elder. It was a humbling deal.

It was sweet that brother beck dropped a line in the conference. Shout out from bountiful.

I am thinking we are going to have another white night the 16th of this month. We should have many baptisms.
Today I will call elder Torgenson and talk about Haimer Idaho. Tell aunt liz and uncle p hello. Sometimes think "If uncle p. was my mission president would I be doing this right now?" And the answer is almost always, No no i wouldn´t haha. Uncle Paul 1 Elder Benny Belnap 0.

There was a big fight in front of our house last night. I am not talking some high school fist fight this was straight out of the movies brawl. Luckily it was around the corner so we only saw when the police showed up and were carrying people away. This Is Colombia.
The work is good. I am enjoying my time in Palmira and I am excited to celebrate the birth of Christ this 25th. But, as we know it isn´t his actual birth just how we remember it.
I love you all. God bless you. Elder belnap

1.       Did you get a package?  Two packages?
2.       Are you still in a threesome?
3.       What are your plans for meeting new investigators this next couple of weeks before the new year?
4.       What are the plan in church for Christmas day?
5.       Do you have plans for Christmas Eve?

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