Tuesday, April 10, 2012

October 30, 2011

Ben went to an area where a very RICH member family lives.

Ya they  celebrate halloween but mostly just to go out and drink a lot. We will teach tomorrow in the zone. We gotta get some things going and get some things changed. The white night is planned and i cant wait. I just hope the missionaries prep their people. We will bring six people from our area so we need 8 from the whole rest of the zone to complete the goal. I have faith. It has rained a lot. It is the rainy season here sometimes  but its better then the heat. Never wear boots I just wear my good old ecco shoes.
Well Today we planned a zone activity for halloween. It was awesome. We went to a members house that lives about 30 minutes away from the city it was beautiful. The house was gorgeuos it truly was a Colombian mansion. I have sent the pictures I hope Og can see the Brandon Burton shot from the Amazon mountains of Colombia. The activity was fun we ate played games and tried to have a lot of unity  with the missionaries. I am so happy about the things we have had happen here in our area. The Lord God has his hand here in the work and he is doing it for us. He  put a couple of families in our path this week. Some beautiful people that will be baptisms for the month of december. I have learned in my mission to start thinking ahead. You got to think at least like two three weeks  ahead then you can start thinking like 2 or three months ahead and you arrive prepared and with people that are ready to be baptized.
We arrived here and the things were a little different we have made goals and have seen many changes. The first part of this week was a little tough, my companions girlfriend wrote him off and he was useless for about two days but now he is okay. It was hard because he was for sure going to marry her. He didn´t even know what to do with himself.
I feel the difference in the work as we work hard and seek the Lord. I  have tried to recognize his voice and do what he tells me. Are we quick to observe? Elder Bednars talk is moving and  I feel the desire to do it. I love this work and this week I put up a banner I had made that says play like a champion. I leave every morning thinking about that. I also have another one that simply says WIN. It makes me feel so excited and blessed to be on the Lords side and to give it my all. I love you all. This week was great but this week will be very crucial in the success of the white night. I will let you know. Mom get better!.
Elder Benjamin Belnap

1.       Do they celebrate Halloween there?
2.       Did you give any lessons this week to your zone?
3.       Tell me more about your white night?
4.       What is your weather like? 
5.       Do you ever wear boots?
6.       How often does it rain?

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