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November 21, 2011 and November 28, 2011

I am hoping to get a package but nothing yet mother. The other elders will be so happy. We are blessed to send some extra Christmas packages to missionaries that do not get anything) We had converts at church which always makes us feel happy. Also a less active family went it was a great thing. No we have a nice chapel it has been here in palmira for like 30 years. but there are some parts that have a chapel in a house. It is ghetto... I dont have pictures of the church but i can take some so you can see. I dont have any pictures with kids but i can take some as well. I dont really need anything other then peanut butter would be excellent. haha.
Well we had an amazing experience with a young lady named gracie. Gracie is 21 and she is in a family where everyone is members.  She has listened to a lot of missionaries but she has had hard times in her life. She did not believe in God. It was a lot different teaching her because she didn´t believe in the existence of Christ nor our father in heaven. We testified and invited her to pray. It was like King Lamoni with Aaron. He didn´t know if God was there and he prayed to ask if god existed and he recieved an answer. Gracie also prayed. She felt the love of God pour out upon her. She felt the witness of the truch.  She changed so much and she was baptized on saturday. God is a god of miracles. She was a miracle.
We have been working in a little town near palmira. It was been different and we are trying to lift the branch. I will be honest. The members have a bad taste in their mouths for missionaries. We hope and pray with Gods power we can change that. Things are going well and we are trying to help every companionship have success. That is what we want and what I deeply desire.
Also there was a rat in our house today. Not a mouse. A bloody filthy rat. I ran like a school girl.(I can just see this)
Love you all Elder Belnap.

1.       Have you seen any packages?  When you get your package then the other Elders will get theirs…I am so excited about that
2.       Did your new converts come to church again today?  I prayed that they would come
3.       Do you have a church building or just rent space in a building?
4.       Do you have pictures of the church?
5.       Do you have more pictures of you with children?
6.       Can you think of anything that you might need?

Hello mother. I threw a picture on from zone leader council we  had this week. I want to send more pictures but  it is not working like I want it to. no package. The sister will bring it all to the Christmas party the 13th.  It is hot yes. It gets dark at like 6 30 every day of the year. I get up at 6 30 everyday. Sometimes I go to bed at like ten 20 sometimes we have to do crap so it is later. We went to Cali and ya that was a bad deal cause I wasn´t able to go to bed until like 1. We had a couple that came but they are always there. He is in a long process. He wants to be baptized so bad but he´s killed a bunch of people so he is in a waiting game. Also a young girl who will  be baptized the 16th of December. We are in a threesome because his companion had to go home. he got really sick. He is new and trying to figure it out and my companion is old and getting lazy ha-ha.
Well maybe you can see in the picture the senior couple is there. They are from haimer Idaho. I don’t want to say wrong but I am like 96 percent sure that aunt Liz’s family is from haimer. Right? We had a great country talk.  I pretended I was a real cowboy and he bought it. It was so choice. He is trying to learn Spanish I am sure it is tough for him but he is happy to serve the lord. Funniest quote from elder torgenson (that is is name by the way) " Aren´t you going to arm wrestle me sir?" "Boy I am 66 years old, do you want my arm to fall off?" ha-ha Needless to say I love the man.
I felt so many great things this week. The lord is so powerful in the work. A lot of zones are really improving and it is such a great thing that is happening. I thought a lot about personal sacrifice. Reading about the sacrifice of the son of god has impacted me greatly. The way he sacrificed his life. He didn´t fight he gave up his will completely (see 3nephi11) It was all about the will of the father. Just like Isaac and Abraham. Think about the attitude they had. There was no fight. Like Abraham and Isaac Through modern revelation we know that Isaac
was a grown man. He could have easily said see ya later dad I don´t want any part of it. But he did not, he gave up his will and was going to give his life to be obedient. Why did Christ come to earth to fulfill the atonement? Jack Christiansen says he came to please the father. That was his desire. What is it that the father wants? The precious book of Moses teaches that he wants eternal life for his children. Should we not have the same desire? Be as Christ and seek to please the father. I love this work. Jesus Christ is the motivation. He is everything. We give it all for him. I love you all, Elder Belnap

 Jackee asked Ben about ketchup and her is his response.
I hate ketchup. It makes me want to rip my tongue off when i have to eat it. (I thought sense he liked tomatoes alot now I would ask.. obviously not! haha) I have thrown up many times because of ketchup.

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