Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jan 7, 2012

1.       How much do you travel?
2.       Do you still get to play soccer/basketball?
3.       Does the President work out each day?
4.       Have you been back to any of your old areas yet?
5.       Do you drive or ride or how do you get around?
6.       Do you ever have time to teach investigators in Cali?
7.       How many people come to church in Cali?

(Answers to the questions once again)
Hello hello, When there are conferences and training we travel a lot. This week has been great, just here in our area. We still play we sometimes have a pday on saturdays so we can organize stuff with the members. I think the president and his wife do work out every day. He likes to run. I havent been back to any of my old areas but i am thinking that on monday night i will be in chinchina. What a miracle and a blessing it will be. We dont drive. No missionaries are allowed to drive in this mission. Too many accidents i think haha. Yes we have time. We only have time in the nights and if we can finish our work fast we get out earlier. We are become very effective and doing the missionary work in three hours in a day instead of 9 or 10.

What a great week it has been. I feel a lot more comfortable and a lot more secure now. We have had so many spiritual experiences I wish i could sit down and write them all but i am finding a hard time finding a moment to email.

On friday we had zone leader conference here in cali. It was great. We had a great plan. They got so excited and the president is so inspired that he knows how he is going to help the missionaries always remember the desire they felt when they left the training. We talked about the mission and what is happening. We talked about the legacy that we can leave. I made a presentation about LeBron James and the affect he had on Cleveland and what happened to the team when he left. One person can make the difference. I feel it. I feel moved.

Afterwords we went to an appointment with a big family. There are so special i love them with all my heart. When we got to the appointment they saw us and said "where is the other person missionary?" and we asked what other. Each one looked surprised, the kids and the parents included. They said the first time we saw you in the street the other day there were three of you. I was filled with the spirit, that night an angel guided us to that family. I know this church is true.

After the lesson we were so filled with the love of god and so peaceful. We arrived at our house and our phones started ringing. Elder Jamett was talking i was talking. There was an accident in the highway about two hours outside of Cali. Many men with rocks attacked a bus with four of our zone leaders on it. Everyone was fine but one elder got hit in the face with a piece of glass and had a big gash on his face. They took him to the hospital and we called the president.  I thought the president was going to freak out. But he was so calm and said you are my assistents you handle it...

We had to get all his info from the office and find a surgion who could do it. We finished the process at 3 in the morning.

I have no time left. I love you all Elder Belnap i am running to the pres house. We are planning zone conf.

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