Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jan 15, 2012

(Again, these are the answers to the questions listed below: ) I believe that every missionary got their christmas package. It was great. We traveled this week, We started in Manizales, (We passed through Chinchina You can imagine my glee) Then we were in pereira then we were in armenia then tulua, palmira, and again here in Cali. We have had "Training meetings" With all the missionaries in these conferences. We have learned a lot and i have seen all my friends from the mission. I saw uncle Jensen. (This is a boy from Bountiful) I have a great picture with him. Dont freak out laura but i cant send pictures because i am in the street not in the office. We just finished conference in calima and now we are going to have skype conference with pasto. It will be good. I should have time next week to send pictures. Maybe on tuesday i will send a bunch. I have taken photos i just haven´t sent them. I haven´t gotten a letter from mikey. The zone leader is doing fine the stitches were taken out and he is in medellin again. Speaking of Medellin, on monday i will be in medellin. It will be cool to go in airplane.
How great it is that there were many birthdays this week in the house. Sawyer and you mom. My week was good. We had so many special experiences. It makes me sad that i dont have more time to write them all down in my journal but i guess that is just part of the deal. We were in Zone Conference in manizales and in the middle of the conference changed his mind about everything. He wanted to meet with every zone in the whole mission in 6 days. The problem was is that we already had every thing planned and all the plane tickets and things were bought. It took a while and i little bit of stressed but we were able to organize two conferences every day this whole week. It has been a lot. But it has been so great. I have learned new things in every conference. The president is very inspired and he trusts greatly in his missionaries. He trusts us with a lot of things. He loves the work of the lord.
We also have been able to do divisiones and work in different citys and a little in our own area. We are going to baptize. We cant just be a coach that watches the game, we want to players that step out on the field. We are going to have success . The lord is so merciful and his hand is in every step off the work.
Remember in the last supper when christ says that he is the vine, John 15 5. He explains that we can do NOTHING without him. The apostoles were able to see a true example of that  6 chapters later when they are fishing. They hadn´t caught anything but when christ told them where to cast their net, it was filled. He shows us the way. He is the light. We are his representatives.
I talked about being the salt to my companion. Salt only loses its sabor when we mix it. We are not of the world.
We have celestial potential. Love you all Elder Belnap

1.       Did any of the other Elders get their Christmas packages? 
2.       Where did you travel this week? Who did you see?
3.       Have you seen Elder Jensen?  Give me details if you can so I can tell his mom
4.      Michael Taylor wrote you a letter….Did you get it?
5.       How is the Zone leader that got cut?  Is he ok?  How was the surgeon?
 Con amor,
               Elder Benny Belnap

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