Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 4, 2012


1.       I talked with Sister Prince: Did you fly to Medellin and meet up with them?
2.       How are your investigators?
3.       Do you go to church in Cali each week?
4.       Tell Elder Jammett I said thank you for teaching you so many things about doing the work in the office.
5.       Did you share your candy with missionaries/children?
6.       Do you and Kelon write each other each week?  How is he really doing?  Please tell him I pray for him daily and love him.

Ya we went to meddellin on monday morning. We got up at like 3 and went to the airport and we were in conference and interviews at nine. Are investigators are great. We have a great group. We found 33 new people last week so we have a lot to do. It was tough to be traveling and not in our area with them but the secretaries helped us a ton. We have 6 baptism dates for the 20th. But, we need to have 6 baptisms. we need more baptismal dates. Ya we always go to church in our ward in Cali. I always share the candy with the missionaries. I didnt eat hardly any, the missionaries and the senior couples ate it all. haha I always write kayo. Every week we send each other emails.

Hello hello, This week we went to the part of the mission most north and most south. We went close to Ecuador. Meddellin was incredible we had spiritual experiences and at night i went and visited converts and to old investigators. It was awesome because i was able to really communicate with them in spanish. I loved it and it is pure joy to find active converts. I had a sweet surprise in Medellin. We were leaving and we got to the airport and guess who was there... Elder Miranda. My trainer. It was so awesome to talk to him. He is working in Meddellin and went to the airport because sister prince had told him we would be there. It was awesome we have a picture but sister prince has it. He is like a brother to me. We then left and arrived in Cali at like 7 30. We didnt have time to do anything we went and taught a lesson and put a baptism date. her name is Natali and she is way cool. She is going to be baptized on the 20th. We then woke up went to the office to finish some stats from the mission then we went to the airport and headed south. They had told me that this city was cold. It is called Pasto it is surrounded by a huge active volcano. Well i thought we are in Colombia how cold can it really be.... Im not gunna take a jacket... What a foolish mistake. It was so cold that the three days i was there i was literally freezing. We were teaching one night and it got down to like 45 degrees... I thought i was going to die. I got a cold and was so cold. I am so used to 75 degree weather every day. It was horrible and i still have a cough. haha On a spiritual note we had a great zone conference and divisiones were awesome. I did have to eat Cuey. Which is like a giant hamster. It is like rat. But it is all good i just ate it.

We have a lot of potential coming into this month. I feel so happy to be a part of this work. I love the saviour and i feel power and love from our father in heaven.

I love you all. Until next week. Elder Belnap

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