Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jan 22, 2012

I asked him about traveling, flying, his new investigators, busses, and food.  Here are his responses:

This week we were in Medellin and the rest of the week we were here working in Cali. I went by Chinchina but we didn´t stop we just passed through. The flights were normal not too bad. I also talked to a lady about the church during the flight. It went well. My companion committed someone to baptism on the flight. That was great. We have many people ready for baptism, Blanca and Jamie they are a family that are going to be baptized on the 8th of february also lizeth marilyn angie and their grandmother idalba are going to be baptized on the 3rd. We have Camila but she doesn´t want to give up coffee... We have seen so many miracles. The lord keeps doing is work and we simply get to participate. If you find out the elders name i can look it up and i should be here when he gets to the mission. The busses yes are very crowded. But, here in Cali i have never gone in bus. No the food is good i like it i haven´t eaten anything weird. I also got to eat american food in sister princes house. Chicken parmesan. oh ya

We are in a very special week in the history of my mission. The president is so happy for what has happened this week. We have found so many people this week as the mission. We smashed the old record in the mission in the last ten years. We are improving so much every day. I left my camera in the presidents car and i haven´t gone to recover it. I have some sweet pictures to send you. I just havent been able to do it yet.

We are planning for the transfers that will happen in 3 weeks. Wow it is going to be crazy. A huge group is leaving and a bigger group is coming. I dont know what is going to be like. The thing is about transfers is that we dont really sleep. I am learning the power of gods promises to renew our body.

Sometimes we dont get a normal personal study but i treasure the time that i have. It is so special. I look for christ in the scriptures and i feel his goodness. Thank you for your love and your support. I love hearing from you each week. God bless.

Elder Belnap.

p.s. I talked about Babe Ruth the other day to a group of missionaries. It was cool, I talked about how he pointed his bat to the fences. In that moment he committed himself. He had a lot of guts to do it. That is the committment we have made to the lord this week we promised we were going to find 21 new people to teach and we were able to do it. The mission is learning the difference between a goal and a committment. it is kinda like yoda "Do or do not there is no try". You just gotta do it.

Con amor,
               Elder Benny Belnap

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