Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feb 25, 2012

1.       Send Pictures: This is not a request!!!
2.       Did you get the packages?
3.       How were your travels?
4.       What is the temperament in the mission about the upcoming changes?
5.       Do you want to write a little email to the boys for the newsletter?
6.       Do you want me to send the newsletter by email or just keep mailing it?
7.       When is the Colombian “Valentine’s Day”?

I did get the packages. It was great!! I am happy to have scriptures. Thank you laura. I also got one from Jackee which had a tie and some goodies in it. I enjoyed it greatly. Thank you!

Things are going well, we have been traveling for zone conferences. It has been good but i also hate it. I hate not being in my area San Fernando. I really sometimes feel empty not being able to be here everyday.Everyone is talking about the mission and the progression of the work. But, we dont have a lot of information so it has died down a little bit. But no mom I think i like it better if you just send the letter i send home to the newsletter. I like it that way more. I think if you mail it, I would like it more. Colombian valentines day is in like april or something or june i cant really remember. haha.

Hello hello, We have a had a great week. We have had to fight it hasnt been easy. We have seen many obstacles and a lot of oppisition. It has been hard. But, we are confident and we try to give it all. We have a big activity tonight. We are going to fill the chapel. I have been looking forward to this for two weeks. The ward has changed a lot. We had the biggest group of people in a sacrament meeting that we have had in 2 years. It is real progress.

Our converts are doing great and they are inviting others to hear the message we share. We are scheduled for baptisms for the 20th of march. That should be a very special day. The zone committed to have 60 baptisms this day. It is a huge number. We just do our part and the lord fills in the gaps.

I got letters from my buddies this week. I am always overwhelmed by the group of friends that i had in high school and that i have in this moment. I love to be serving at this time with them. I also get to see uncle Jensen a lot which is sweet. The president trusts uncle jens a lot. (Uncle Jensen is a boy that Ben played basketball with in High School)

I love you all. We go to medellin and pasto this week. all the way north and then all the way south... It will be a busy week. I love this work.

Elder Belnap

Con amor,
               Elder Benny Belnap

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