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Feb 4, 2012

Trying one more time….The emails keep bouncing back…
Pictures of Ben with the planes he flies on and an Elder from Bountiful, Jordan Jensen
1.       What do you do on P-day: Give me a schedule
2.       Tell me about the zoo: How is it different from zoo’s in the state?
3.       Are there any mountains in Cali?
4.       How often do you get to eat with Sister Prince?
5.       What is your favorite lesson to teach?
6.       Do most of the people believe in Christ?

Hello mother,

Well pday we often dont have one. Like today we are trying to finish all of the transfers before sunday night. But when we have pday it is a just like pday out in the field we do stuff or rest a little. The zoo, It is just a little bit more ghetto but it really is a nice zoo. But they didn´t have buffalo.... There are mountains but the city is in a valley it is a big valley. The entire state is a valley with mountains surrounding it. I love to teach all the lessons laura. I think there is great power in teaching the commandments. We dont really ever eat with sister prince. When we travel with the president we eat with them or sometimes on special occasions(how do you spell that). Yes everyone believes in christ. You should look for the statue here in Cali it is called Cristo Rey. It is up on the mountain looking over the city. We can see it from our window.

What a great week it has been, we have seen so many blessings from the lord. We got to teach a lesson with president, he was teaching a lady and we have been teaching with him. She is going to be baptized on tuesday. Yesterday Lizeth was baptized. It was so special she was so prepared. I think i mentioned how we found her family. Truly god led us to this house. The family will be next. I love this work and i recognize that we are nothing but instruments because this is not our work its gods. She will be comirfed tomorrow and she is going to teach the class in sunday school.. Wow she truly is converted.

We are preparing for all the new missionaries. I really am excited to go to the airport and to be a part of the experience. It is going to be a hard week and we havent even finished organizing all the transfers. I will take pictures to send home. I am going to try to convey the things i have learned on my mission and help them make the decision. It is intersting, the missionaries have the mormon messages videos and one is about tyler haws. It was cool to see. I remember watching him play when i was a sophmore wow. But, he said it wasnt hard to make the choose to go on his mission cause he had already decided. That is what i want to convey. Choose today if you are going to be obedient, you wont have to make the choice in the moment. Make it now.

Love Elder Belnap

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