Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jan 28, 2012

  These are the questions I sent this week:   
1.   Where did you go this week?
2.       How are your investigators doing this week?
3.       How many members come to church in Cali?
4.       Does President Prince speak in church very often?
5.       Are there any American leaders or are they native leaders in the church?
6.       Do you drink a lot of juice still?
7.       Is it hot there?  Kelon said it was very hot.
8.       Do you need anything?

Hello mother,

Well we stayed here in cali this week. The invest. are doing good. We are going to have 4 baptisms 1 on the third and 3 on the 7th. Things are starting to role and we work hard to get everything done fast to be able to go out and work. (Elder Ramirez the sec. of the president is here sitting with me. He says hello and that he is taking good care of me he says i am a good boy) In our ward there are like 90. There are about 2500 3000 members here in the city. I am sure the president speaks in church a lot. I never see him on sundays so i am not sure. They are all latin leaders. There are some great people here. I stll drink juice everyday, some fruits you have never even heard of. It is hot but really not too bad. It is like 80 degrees everyday. I dont need anything. I am fine. I would like to know if you have news about my scriptures you sent.

This week was great. we finished the transfers. It is a beautiful process to see how the president recieves revelation. There are a lot of missionaries that forget their purpose. They forget that we pledged our lives to it. We have taken upon ourselves huge covenants. We must be accountable. There is great power in our covenenats but there is huge responsibility.

We are helping a man named Juan Manuel to quit drinking and now his whole family is listening to us. They are going to go to church tomorrow. That will be great. We see miracles in the process of conversion. Sometimes i think about the process. When christ called his apostles he told them they could be fishers of men. Just like a fisherman we have to fight for them. It does not happen that a fish jumps out of the water and onto your lap. It also does not happen that converts just jump out of the world and onto the lords side. We do all we can for them. We introduce them to members, we fast for them, we pray for them, we teach the doctorine of christ and invite them to repent. We hold the mel. Priesthood we have the powers from heaven on our side.

I read a talk this week fom Boyd K packard. He says we are at war. However, we know the outcome. Satan will lose. He knows it. We cant let him drag us down. The work is true. I love it. It fills me with joy. I have never been more happy.

Elder Belnap

Dad and Og are going sledding .(snowmobiling) I am jealous.
Con amor,
               Elder Benny Belnap


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