Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 7, 2012

These were my questions for him this week….
How is the weather in Cali?
Do any of the missionaries have a car?  President Prince?
Tell me more about your companion…home….family…how long has be been a member?
Do they have seasons there?  If so what season?
We were kind of having spring but it was winter today…..However there are a lot of buds on the trees….Popcorn popping….

The weather in Cali has been rainy. It is the rainy season here. The missionaries dont have cars. Not even the elders from the office. There have been way too many accidents. The president has a car and so does sister prince. My companion has always been a member. He is 22. He is a lot different then i am. I dont know if i told you how he is. I dont even know who i would compare him to. I think it is better not to compare him to anyone but kinda like emmo haha everything has to be fun or the world will end hahaha Love you emmo. He loves to work and he has baptized a lot of people on his mission. He finishes his mission in october and we are doing great. They say they have seasons but not really its always the same. They saw that right now it is winter.

We had so many incredible experiences this week. We went and taught a family. The husband is less active and is dying to come back to church and the wife is ready for baptism on the 20th. Well he lived in Kaysville Utah for 5 years... It was cool to talk to him. It was way cool because he worked at Sills Cafe hahaha. I know it is an extremely small world. He is a great person and he is like the other colombians full of fun. He reminds me of someone like qui bird. haha I laugh in the lessons with him.

We went and had divisions in Chinchina. We finished divisiones with a fireside. We filled the chapel. 140 people. It was an incredible joy. I love all those people so much. I saw so many converts. My heart hurt to see that some had faded and i was filled with joy to see some working in their callings and preparing for the temple. There are some that are almost ready to go to the temple. They have almost finished the year.

We will have a comfirmation this week and also a baptism on the 20th. We committed to having 4 in the month. Pray for the people. We traveled to almost all the mission this week. It has been tough but gratifying. We are making a strong push to the end of the mission colombia cali. Records will be broken. That shouldnt get me excited because we should always be improving but it is fun to be a part of a team that is making a big effort to have 600 baptisms in 4 months. (It has never been done here) We will see. I am stoked.

I love cali and I love the work This will be a special sunday. The church was restored this week many years ago. The knowledge of the plan was given. We can and will have eternal life. Christ was resurrected, we also will. I love Jesus Christ.
Elder Belnap

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