Tuesday, April 10, 2012

December 31, 2011

Well, I am afraid the writing is on the wall for long emails and much information.  He only took time to answer my questions but I am grateful for that information.  Freddy is the man that was taken to the hospital last week from a gunshot wound. (I am not correcting his writing because it would take me too long…Ha-Ha)

Hello hello,

Freddy is well. They are letting him leave the hospital in the next couple of days. When do i get to the office? like everyday or like in the transfers? Cause i have been here for like a week ya. There are 160 missionaries in the mission. Hay solo 8 hermanas here in the mission. I havent seen sister prince too much, she has been sick and there are on like a little break i guess. The president no but the sister ya. Well i am learning my duties every day and i am beginning to understand them a little better. We are in charge of all the numbers in the mission. All of the information of the baptisms in every city. We are in charge of helping the zone leaders and taking the work load off the president. We travel a lot. Next week we will be in zone conference it will be cool. I will be able to see all my friends from the mission and also teach and be taught.

There are six of us in the apartment. Us the assistents and the 4 secrataries. we are all friends and it is good to work together. I am the only gringo.

I honestly dont have time to write more. Maybe another day or something i can write more.

I love you all. elder Belnap

Con amor,
               Elder Benny Belnap

1.       How is Freddy?
2.       When did you get to the office?
3.       How many missionaries are in your mission?
4.       How many sisters?
5.       Please give my love to Sister Prince.
6.       What are some of your duties?
7.       Will P day always be on Saturday now?
8.       Where do you live?  How many Elders are in your apartment?

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