Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feb 18, 2012

1.       Do you know the boundaries for the new missions?
2.       When does your mission companion go home?
3.       Have you seen your packages?  There are two
4.       Did you travel this week?  Where?
5.       I am talking with Marcie Prince on Facebook….FUN
6.       Do you have any missionaries that need something now?
Hello Mother,

We dont know the boundaries but we can kind of guess. (Ben’s mission is going to be split into two mission in July. Cali Colombia and Medellin missions) We think that everything above armenia is theirs and everything below is ours. My companion finishes in march. The 23rd he´ll be on the plane. Haven´t seen any packeges i am waiting on some scriptures. haha We traveled a little to do interviews and we teach a little thing to the companionship before they have their interview with the president. This week we start zone conference so we will travel to all the mission.

Hello hello, yesterday we had zone leader training which was great. We feel like we are starting the lift off and we are now seeing real progress. I am excited. The 20th of march the president has asked that every companionship has 2 baptisms. That is what we are working and striving for. It is a commitment, not jst a goal. I know we will do it. We committed to having more and the lord is with us.

We had stake conference with president prince, the place was packed it was great. We filled it with investigatores and the president shook their hands and it was special. They felt that he is a man of god. He truly is.

Sister prince has had so much to do and they are always trying to help the missionaries and always think of others before themselves. I hope to be more like them.

I am happy you are heading out with grandma and Lisa to Saint George. It is always great to get letters from my grammy.

I love my mission and i hope all is well back home.

Elder Belnap

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