Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 24, 2012


 hello the white night was great. I will tell you a little about it. Well, we saw so many miracles. I honestly had never had to work so hard so that someone could be baptized. It was an incredible fight. When i saw our converts in white i just started crying. I couldnt stop through the whole opening hymn. We give it all so that they can be baptized. We have to kill ourselves everyday so that they make it there and when they do it fills us with PURE joy. I had never felt the joy i felt the night of the baptisms.

 I will tell of a few of the many miracles we saw. There is a young girl named natalia who always go to church with her grandma but her dad is not a member. She asked him this week if she could be baptized and he said no. She asked him again and no. We prayed for the chance to talk to him. We went to the house and he was there (He is never there he works in Bogota) he was in his room and we told the grandma to call him so we could talk. He said he was busy talking on the phone. I started praying like crazy in my head that his phone call would finish so we could talk. In the moment of the prayer he came out. He is a very educated well respected boss of a nation wide business. I said well here we go, I knew if i tried to persuade with small talk and diversion it wasnt going to work. We had one shot at it. We talked about a half hour and we exchanged words and the thought came that we needed to talk more seriously and more directly. We gave it all we had. He gave her permission and she was baptized. It was so great.

The other one. Leyder he is a cool kid. His mom will be baptized in april. He called us the morning of and said he wasnt going to be baptized because of serious family problems.  It was horrible. So he said he wanted to wait on baptism. He came to the meeting but showed up without his clothes for baptism. We entered the meeting and a few minutes into it he changed his mind and said lets do it. I made walked up to the front and told president prince that there was a young man who needed an interview. He left and did the interview in the middle of the meeting and leyder was baptized.

The lord is so merciful to us and i am so grateful for these experiences. On a less happy note yesterday we took Elder Jamett to the airport. It was horrible. It was painful I really feel sad that he left, but we gotta put our game face on and work with my new companion Elder Almendares from Costa Rica. He baptizes a ton so the president called him he is good. There are so many things i want to tell you but no time to do it. I love you all so much. I love this work. This week was hard and i am tired but grateful to be tired in the work of the lord.

 Elder Belnap

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