Friday, April 1, 2011

Letter 3-7-11

The soccer team is Naccional. They beat Barranquilla this weekend so everyone has been so so drunk haha they love Naccional it is crazy. They are really good too. I can hear the stadium sometimes so sick. haha I am still taking cold showers, and I still absolutely despise it. I know some houses have warm water but not here. Oh ya I am staying here and so is my companion another six weeks in Medellin. Food is excellent however, on Sunday I did not enjoy cow stomach.... It was not horrible but I just hated the texture. But worse than that some sister put ketchup all over my noodles because I am American and they love ketchup. It was horrible. I was able to sneak most of it off my plate. haha I can eat cows stomach and pigs feet but can´t bear the thought of eating ketchup haha. I am missing Carl’s Junior, Taco Bell and KFC the most from home. I want a cheeseburger, I real cheeseburger. haha But I get to make my own food for dinner and breakfast so it´s all good.
We can play basketball but no one really likes to so it never happens. I played a little bit. I enjoyed myself.
P day is a normal morning we study and after clean the house and then whatever we want but we hardly do anything so we sleep and eat and listen to music. Speaking of music haha... oh you are going to be mad at me mom. But could you find my choir CD’s and send them to me you might have to buy new ones from Larry or ask Preston cause I think I put them on his computer. sorrrry..... luff you. (Interesting, I just purchased these CD’s on Friday..Thanks, Lizz)
It has been a good week! Before I start how sick is that Spence Is going to Russia. They always send the geniuses to Russia. I am so stoked for him. Tell Erin to hit me up with an email on her thoughts. Also Curt dogger Bulgaria, I have no idea where that is but I am  happy he is going to Europe.
Beatriz is ready to go for her baptism on Saturday. It has been a great journey teaching her and watching her learn and grow and find a testimony of Jesus Christ. It is so amazing to be a missionary and help people make the changes that will bless them now in their lives and for eternity. I am so happy to be in Belen and Medellin. I know the work will continue to grow for us here. I love you all so much and Elder Belnap is happy and doing well. I don´t have any more time mama. I love you so much lady!! Love Elder Belnap I miss writing you too mommy!

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