Friday, April 1, 2011

Letter 3-21-11

I got dear elders from Og and letter from grandma which was great. I should get mail tomorrow from the zone leaders. The food is excellent. It really is like gourmet every lunch. It’s huge too. Lots of bananas rice chicken beef, sausage and soup every day. Yuka papa. Love it! Driving is a little crazy. You have to be 16 to drive but none of them have cars so it´s just the crazy busses and taxis.

We had three investigators this week, Marta who always comes but doesn´t want to be baptized Kayla she is 17 and pregnant. Oh think about this, Kayla’s grandpa is 53. And he is already a great grandpa. That´s how young people are having children. It is really sad. They really don´t have to travel too far the church it is in the middle of most things. No scary situations mom don´t worry. I haven´t been robbed. I don’t know what else I want in a package. I always think of stuff but I forget. Maybe Nyquil.

This week was awesome. We had training for all the missionaries in Medellin. I learned a lot and I am excited for the future month. The goal for the Colombia Cali mission next month is 397 baptisms. It would be the most in history of this mission but I am going to work really hard. I don´t really like thinking in goals though to be honest. I just think about the people. If we don´t make our goals, it´s okay cause I know what I am doing and I am giving these people my all. My companion is tired he is finishing his mission so he is really sick and his body hurts but he keeps on moving and we keep working. I would love to hear more news of what is going on in the world mom.
We are in a different cafe this week and I can´t figure out the pictures but next week I will send you some more. I have a picture of Daniel and Beatriz together. It is the best picture I have ever seen. A convert baptizing another convert. Oh ya!!!
I love you all so much. Have an excellent week. I know I have more to say but time is up.
Love, Elder Benjamin Belnap

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