Friday, April 1, 2011

Letter 3-14-11

 These are the answers to my weekly questions:
The food was all really good. No issues there. We have to walk of course but
our area is massive so we go in bus. There are areas we go in taxi so they
can take us right to the house cause some areas we can't walk in the
streets. peligroso!!! haha We are having a training this week which should
be pretty much just like zone conference. It´s on Tuesday and Wednesday all
day long. So maybe I will get mail then. I hope you can find that choir
music. I kind of want Vitamin string quartet but I don´t know if that is
considered classical. Consult with Og on that one. We can listen to anything
by Motab hymns in any form and classical style music. So we listen to some
Enya and Josh Groban but some Josh Groban is a little romantic so we don't
listen to all his stuff. Washing clothes Sucks!!!! I have a brush and a bar
of soap and that is all. I use my debit card sometimes to buy stuff if I
need it. I hardly ever see the president once every three months or two
months haha.

This week was awesome. I included photos from the baptism of Beatriz. it was
such a special day. Daniel baptized her! That was one of the best parts. We
baptized Daniel about a month ago and he baptized Beatriz on Saturday. It
was a powerful experience. She bore her testimony after and said when she
woke up she didn´t want to be baptized and she was really scared. ( This is
normal. The Devil wants to make people scared and afraid. Before baptism he
tries to make people doubt.) She said she just trusted in the truth and came
to the baptism. When She got in the font she was crying. She said that she
felt so much peace and all the fear was taken away. She said she is so
grateful she found the true church of Jesus Christ. What a great day. I love
being a missionary. I know that in reality this is the true church of
Christ. I am so grateful for the experience Ï am having here. I hope
everyone can see the pictures from the baptism.
Love you all Elder Belnap.

Mom maybe send some vitamins to have more strength and energy. love you mom.

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