Friday, April 1, 2011

Letter 2-14-11

I haven´t gotten anything letters or any postcards. We are ten hours away from Cali so we don´t really get mail that often. I ate a pigs foot a couple of days ago that was kind of nasty It was just fat and bone and we were supposed to eat. I didn´t enjoy that really... haha I sent 4 pictures One of me at a less active members house looking over Belen at night. Pretty sick, the others are from Magerli´s baptism. Also Daniels Baptism. Magerli asked me to do her baptism. I was so happy. She is my first investigator I have seen from start to finish. It was incredible, the water was freezing But just like the day of Kelon’s Baptism I could feel the spirit in my toes. My legs were on fire and she was crying. She told me she never thought that this would happen and she is so happy. That is her sister in the pictures she has helped her a lot she is a member. Daniel wants to serve a mission!! He is the first boy to be baptized in Belen Medellin for over two years.!! The bishop is so happy. I feel great when we are obedient and working hard. We can really see the success also! I thought about sawyer this week and how cool it will be for Erica and B when he is 8 and gets baptized!!! Hopefully B will be done with school by then haha.
So that is the happy story for the week.
The other is We did an exorcism on a house in a area called Rincon. They were seeing a man and a young boy in the house. The little boy was telling the little girl (she is like 2 or 3) to do stuff. I was scared.... We went upstairs where they said they were seeing it and I really didn´t feel good... I was like oh no here comes some paranormal activity, the ring, grudge kind of stuff. We knelt down and said a prayer that whatever was there would leave and the house would have the spirit. It was powerful.. My hands were shaking and I was sweating. The little girl was doing some very weird things during the prayer. But, we feel like whatever was there has now left!! Satan tried to attack me with fear. But, I am still happy and I am not scared I love this work everyone. It is really hard but I am happy!!! I met a lady who reminded me of Pat Oberg she was super nice and had so much faith! I miss the Oberg’s. I love you all so much. I know this is true. I wouldn´t come half way around the world to preach a lie to the people here. I hope Stephen is happy heading out this week. I will be praying for him.
Love Elder Belnap

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